INJAZ Bahrain


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INJAZ Bahrain Opportunities program has been designed to help boost employment of youth in Bahrain by educating them on the benefits of jobs in the private sector and entrepreneurship opportunities to minimize their reliance on governments for careers in the Kingdom post-graduation. The program offers professional learning experiences to the students that help them build professional skills and networks and allow the students to observe and participate in qualified environments and explore how their interests relate to possible careers. The introduced program is part of INJAZ Bahrain mission to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

Internship Opportunities

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The internship program is developed to provide internship opportunities to the post-graduation INJAZ Bahrain Alumni students with the aim of empowering youth to make more informed decisions about their future career paths and to steer them towards viable work experience opportunities. The training will be offered in different industry fields matching the jobs in growth sectors in the Kingdom.

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The Program Objectives:

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    Encourage the youth of Bahrain to consider a wider range of career opportunities available.
  • Help students and families better plan for their future by dispelling negative perceptions of job opportunities within the private sector.
  • Facilitate collaboration between the media, private sector, NGO sector and students to boost presence and awareness of INJAZ Bahrain and its industry partners.
  • To employ INJAZ Bahrain Alumni’s and create a link between the extended learning opportunities offered in Universities and the world of employment.

Internship Form

Mentorship Opportunities

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The mentoring program is dedicated for the Company program Alumni’s. The program will provide interested young entrepreneurs the opportunity to seek professional support in terms of: market knowledge, investment opportunities, and technical support from assigned Mentors in the market. This initiative will provide extended learning opportunities to potential youth to realize their dreams and ambitions. The INJAZ Bahrain Mentorship program is structured as per the below diagram in 4 phases.

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The Program Objectives:

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    Provide Mentor and Mentee an understanding of the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals.
  • Share the skills and knowledge of successful and experienced Mentors with students.
  • Provide support in locating and accessing organizational resources and resource people.
  • Provide motivation for job performance, creativity, and innovation.
  • Bring employees together to establish a network of professionals.
  • Provide guidance and support to young entrepreneurs seeking professional support.
  • Provide opportunities to youth to explore possible business ventures and take their business idea to implementation stage.
  • Create an Entrepreneurship mind set in students.
  • Create a cultural of continuous learning opportunities to students.
  • Provide training and reinforcement to students throughout the program.
  • To create a link between INJAZ Bahrain Company program Alumni’s and the world of Entrepreneurs.