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With the demand for INJAZ Bahrain far greater than we are currently able to provide, we have developed a strategic plan that strives to dramatically increase the number of classrooms every year. But we can’t do it without your help. Program localization and implementation, recruitment of volunteers, special events, internships, and other student-focused initiatives are just some of the areas that will improve immensely with your generosity. By getting involved, you will be investing in the future of the youth in Bahrain. Your support is crucial in advancing INJAZ Bahrain's mission to reach every youth in Bahrain. Help INJAZ Bahrain reach more students. Donate today.

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A want versus a need. How to balance a checkbook. Don't you wish that someone had taught you those things as you were growing up? Now there is someone. YOU. All we need is your enthusiasm, life experience, and a willingness to teach children about how you took chances and shot for the stars. INJAZ Bahrain provides the training, curriculum, and a classroom ready to meet you.

Sign up to volunteer today! You'll next be contacted by INJAZ Bahrain office to set up a training session and supply you with the necessary classroom material.

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If you are an educator who wants to offer your students real-life exposure to the workplace and new learning opportunities, collaborate with us to bring INJAZ Bahrain programs to your school/university. Our programs focus on work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy and are delivered by corporate volunteers free of charge. Students learn about business innovation, explore leadership skills and discuss career opportunities through hands on classroom-based activities. These relevant skills help inspire a culture of success and entrepreneurialism at an early age that impact youths' educational achievements in the short-term and professional success in the longer term. If you would like to bring INJAZ Bahrain programs to your school or university, please contact us.

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The internship opportunity is initiated with the aim of exposing the INJAZ Bahrain students to the functions of various work areas while showing students the correlation between what they have learnt in INJAZ Bahrain programs and the real world of work. Take the opportunity to learn more. Be an Intern.

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